What are the Grounds for Divorce?

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Divorce is the process of dissolution of marriage or a marital union, once a marriage have a breakdown or no one would like to hold on to the relationship or get back together, and being separated for twelve months, this will be grounds to dissolve a marriage. Before you finally decide to file a divorce, you should ask yourself first if you are willing to dissolve your marriage or you just threatening divorce because you are angry to your spouse. You have to make sure that you have no feelings for your spouse and you already want to be free. If that’s the case, you can file an application for divorce in a family court.

In Australia, you can file an application for divorce online if you can’t go to the court, you can save time and money. All you have to do is to follow the procedures of filing a divorce. If you pass the qualifications for divorce, you can prepare the application for filing. The application can be filed by a one person or both parties; once it is fulfilled and signed it can be filed in federal court with the copy of your marriage certificate. You can contact top divorce lawyers Melbourne to grab more details.

You can only have an approval to file a divorce if you intend that you live in Australia since birth or you are an Australian resident, and separated with your spouse for at least 12 months and 1 day, and if you are applying for a divorce, you have to show the court that you are married and your marriage is already broken. If you apply for divorce, you will submit as an applicant, but if both husband and wife filed an application, it is called a joint application. You don’t have a limit of time for you to file a divorce application.

The federal court of Australia consider the family law act 1975, this is a no fault divorce, which means that the court doesn’t judge why or how the marriage broke down, it is enough to be a grounds for separation or to dissolve the marriage. If you have children below 18 years of age, you have to settle or have an arrangement, that they can be satisfied, and then the court will grant your application for divorce. If you have been married for just two years, you must attend a marriage counseling first before you decide for a divorce.