The Proper Fit of Men’s Trousers

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Trousers may not be the most essential element of a man’s wardrobe but it definitely is the garment that pulls the outfit together. A well-put together outfit should draw attention to the face not to the area below the waist. The trousers should impart a smooth and continuous line up the wearer’s body and allows him to maintain a sleek body profile whether he is on the move or standing or seating.

Trousers are also the garment that is made to carry a man’s necessary items such as keys, cell phones, wallets coin purse and the like. The test of well-made trousers is its pockets’ ability to carry these items without showing any bulge.

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Trousers should fit the wearer perfectly for it to achieve its goal of putting the outfit together perfectly. A perfect fit is supposed to follow the normal shape of a man’s body; wide at the waist and slightly narrowing towards the ankles with no spare fabric bulging or hanging loose. Trousers should also be ample enough to allow for movement. It should not crease or gather around the thighs, a sign that the trousers are tight. Trousers should never be flared at the ankles.

Trousers should be worn on the waist unlike the casual jeans that can be worn low on the hips. A well-fitted trouser should not slide off the waist even without a belt or suspender. When trousers are tailored to be worn with suspenders, it should even be longer, the fit more loosely and usually without belt loops. This will allow the trousers to drape smoothly from a man’s.

To ensure that your trousers fit perfectly, try it on without a belt or suspender. Trousers that nip or squeeze or are sliding off are not fitted correctly. If the crotch sags or there is spare fabric that bulge or balloon between the waist and crotch, then the trousers are too loose. If it crease and bunch together as you move then it is too tight. And if sitting or moving about in your trousers feel awkward and you are ill at ease then your trousers do not fit perfectly.

Casual clothing is what most men like .Men’s casuals translate to comfort but comfort should not spell sloppy nor does it have to be expensive. All it needs is a little creativity and plenty of imagination to be the suave and elegant man about town in your casual togs. Women don’t care how much your clothes cost, but they do care how you look in your togs. Good basic casual outfits and accessorizing is the key to look great even in your casual clothes.

Assemble a wardrobe foundation of casual basics

The basic casual outfits for men include four basic genre- pants, jeans, custom hoodies and conventional shirts or polo shirts, most of them you probably have already. Rummage through your wardrobe and check which ones of your existing clothes are still in style. Jeans, pants, t-shirts and polo shirts bought several years back may be outdated already and need to be replaced with the more contemporary and trendier garments. When you’ve built that wardrobe foundation of basic it is just a matter of updating it every now and then. Buying a few items every year to update your wardrobe is all that you need. When matched with some well-selected accessories, the basic wardrobe will allow you to be in style in any occasion every time.

Develop your casual flair with accessories
The secret to looking good anytime every time in your casual basics is the right accessories – shoes, jewelry, watch, belts, jackets and even hats. Clever accessorizing will expand your outfit options. You can achieve the look that you want to achieve with the right casual basics and the appropriate accessories to fit the scene. In fact you can bring with you several accessories while on a night out and add or change your accessories as you go from a casual dinner, to bar hopping to a late night party all in one night.