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The world of fashion industry never seems to sleep, and the news about it keep popping up. It seems pretty hard to get them all, but we will try our best, and do everything we can to bring you the most important news from this field of life. So, without any further ado, let’s see what are some of the most important news in the fashion industry today.


Taylor Swift, one of the most influential artists and singers today, had been called up before a court of law. She has been called up to testify in a well known dispute between her and the founder of a famous fashion label called Lucky 13. The founder of this label claims that Taylor swift has copied the trademark of this company to a bunch of T-shirts which were later sold by this singer. Even though Swift’s lawyers said that she would not come to the trial, but it seems that the singer doesn’t have a choice, since the court has ordered her to do so.

Karlie Kloss can now add a new title to her already filled up CV – a secret agent! But, don’t worry, she won’t go around getting herself in dangerous situations while drinking a vodka-martini; she is to appear as an agent in a mini film called Secret Agent Handbag.  Diane Von Furtenberg, the creator of this movie said that Karlie was the perfect choice for this role, and that she had played it beautifully. She also said that Kloss is the perfect person for this autumn-winter collection, because she is not just a supermodel, but a strong, intelligent and a sexy woman that is always in control of her destiny.


An official film about the new Alexander McQueen’s exhibition is out, and everyone can see it on YouTube. But, besides the fact that there is a film about it, and that it offers some of the most interesting facts about this exhibition, it appears that this exhibition called Savage Beauty is the most popular exhibitions ever held in the history of this museum.

London College of Fashion in association with H&M has launched a new project – Fashion Recycling Week. The purpose of this project is to let the fashion students all over the United Kingdom interpret all the British cities by creating window installations only by using the clothes that were donated by H&M – a company that deals with reducing waste in the fashion industry by repurposing the clothes. This project will start on August 31, and will last until September 6.

The rising start in the movie world Emma Watson has called for equality in the new Vogue video that she has done. This video, directed by Kathryn Ferguson, calls for solidarity and gender equality, and besides other fashion starts such as Stella McCarthy, Erdem Moraliogly, Jonatan Saunders and Bella Freud, she has said what she believes about this project. This video is available on YouTube, and can be seen by everyone who wishes to.

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